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Our Preamble

Säləs™ Sinner Seeking Red Rotating Logo
Säləs was created to reflect certain beliefs we deem erroneous in society today, and to alter them to be viewed differently. Säləs, the phonetic spelling of "solace," means "comfort in times of distress or sadness." Our message is not born of hate. We are creating a new culture, using fashion as a medium. We hope to collaborate our vision with all companies and brands that align with our values. We yearn and deserve Säləs in our lives. This is only the beginning.

Our main goal is to save animals in need by creating non-kill animal shelters because to animals, we are their solace. We are currently taking action to save pets without a home by donating to non-kill shelters that already exist; but, we need your help. Wearing 
Säləs represents bringing solace to animals in need. Together, let's create a community that protects those that cannot protect themselves.

Never Worship Money represents the extreme value people put on money, and how it causes rifts between relations when money is loved above all. People and their egos change when money is prioritized before family and friends. Not trying to say you don't need money or that you shouldn't make or spend it, just signaling a trend of how people have viewed money as their god, and worship it like its their only hope for happiness. Maintaining a balanced view will indeed make your life a lot more fulfilling. Sometimes when you get money, all you see is that. Then, you see all the people that have money and it causes you to feel incompetent and jealous. You begin to look down on people who have less money and look up to those who have more. Don't allow money to determine the significance you put on others. Remember to enjoy the parts of life that can't be bought. Don't forget to call your family, to check up on a friend, to walk around the park, look up to the sky and enjoy life as a whole - not the way Instagram and social media make you believe buying supercars and watches equal happiness. Basically, Never Worship Money.

Bad Apple symbolizes a middle finger to the traditional education system. Education is important; but, if you are struggling or failing within the antiquated school system, know this... It is not the end of the world. You will find your path in life. Enjoy the journey. Let it drive you to succeed even more.


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