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Project Sneakerhead Hoodie

$250.00 Regular price $300.00
ColorWhite Print

Project Sneakerhead, Lace Face was created to pay homage to the sneaker community. From Jordans, SB Dunks, Forces, Converse, Cortez, Yeezys, and etc., collecting dope shoes has always been an obsession and interest to all of us at säləs. Having the kicks match the fit has always been the cheat code to afire fit. And with Lace face you can have multiple options you can style from to make it easy to match your kicks. Our team at säləs comes from humble backgrounds and have no one backing us but ourselves. We handcraft and source everything in the city of Los Angeles. Project Sneakerhead has only begun and it is only going to get better and better. Tell all the huge companies, don't bite our shit.

Since we are always growing and learning, when you order sneakerhead  we communicate with you of what we have or how we have evolved,  to make sure you get the product you will always cherish

Dry clean if possible. If not, cold wash and tumble dry. Don't fuck it up please!

Project Sneakerhead Hoodie

$250.00 Regular price $300.00
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